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display booths - the good, the bad, and the downright ugly
let us learn from the successes and mistakes of others [display booth designs and ideas]

fine-print legalize disclaimer - This page isn't like the movies or a made-for-TV mini-series... these pictures aren't "loosely based on a real life story"... they are the real life story. The company names below have NOT been changed to protect the innocent, because in business and at trade shows, there are no innocent companies. When your company exhibits at a trade show, it is creating a public record, and the image it creates is available for all to see. For better or for worse, first impressions count, and can last a lifetime, especially in the age of the internet!


Sometimes, all you need is your name... and when you fall into that category, you just need to make sure everyone can read your name. :)

a good display booth - and the benefit of having a "household" name


Not all of us can have a big name, but there are other ways to skin a cat, and other ways to have a good display booth. Sometime creativity is the way to go...

The FreshBooks display booth above is colorful and to the point, but the real secret is in how it was made. They came up with the clever idea of constructing the booth DURING the trade show, so that attendees could see it literally come to life. What the video below, and read more about their display booth idea here.



Humor is another way of creating a display booth that stands out from the crowd, as evidenced by the display booth below.

display booths don't have to be expensive to get the point across




no, no, no (although I like the beer coozies)



yep, this trade show display booth looks like a failed attempt at "DIY" (do it yourself), and shows why sometimes you should really hire a professional who knows what they are doing