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welcome to the display booth chronicles!Greetings, random internet surfer. You have stumbled upon the display booths chronicles. I, your trusty guide, am not only a budding chronicler, but am also gainfully employed (at least for the time being) at a display booths purveyor, at which I have seen more than my fair share of trade show display booths - some good (the majority, thank goodness), some not so good (and fortunately not very many), and some where you really have to wonder what the company (or at least boss) was thinking (fortunately for mankind, "ugly" display booths are few and far between, but still are found more often than they should be)... For obvious reasons, I don't share my opinions where I work, and as I said, the vast majority of display booths I see fall into the good category (or at least OK or passable), and a select few make it into the "OMG Awesome" category. I have sometimes told my tales at our local pub over a pint of good ale to a trusted colleague, but I decided to create this website to share my tales with the broader internet world... or at least, the lucky random internet surfer who stumbles upon the display booth chronicles.

Hopefully you'll find this site about display booths to be informative, or at least entertaining. If you're going to be exhibiting at a trade show or convention and you're actually looking for advice on what makes for a good trade show display booth, or ideas for how to make your display booth the center of attention at the trade show (or the trade show epicenter as we call it), then perhaps the tales (and pictures) of the good display booths will help, and the tales (and pictures) of the bad and ugly display booths will help to let you know what to avoid. While being a marketing success involves a lot more than just your display booth, make sure you don't overlook your booth display. If you want to stand out from the other booth displays, you need fantastic display booth graphics, which means spending the money on a professional graphic designer who can create a true trade show picasso, and also making sure you have a compelling and effective marketing message that is woven into your picasso-worthy trade show design. In addition to graphics, you need a friendly, competent, professional, well-trained, knowledgeable trade show booth staff, and you need some kind of trade show marketing magnet to draw the crowd to your display booth. You want to make sure you promote your display booth in advance of the show, and that you know how to qualify prospects at your booth (so you don't waste your time with the drooling trade show lookie-loos and brain-dead trade show zombies who wander the exhibit floor aisles endlessly looking for the free swag handouts). There is much that goes into convention and trade show marketing, but here I'll just focus on the display booth... and I won't really be teaching anything so much as just providing examples of what I see in the business I am... what I think works (and has the potential to become the coveted trade show epicenter), and what, in my humble opinion) I think doesn't work.

This site is a (slow) work in progress, and it may take a while to get examples, so please be patient, and feel free to share if you have any great (or infamous) display booth pictures yourself. If you have a display booth chronicle of your own that you'd like to share with me, you can email me at my "all others" email address below...

display booths at a typical trade show, convention, conference, or trade fair event

A typical trade show scene with a lot of typical trade show display booths... some good booths, a lot of average booths, a few bad booths, and often one or two just plain ugly display booths... plus the occasional display booth gem. So which trade show display booth will your tradeshow display booth be?